Thursday, October 6, 2011

Judicial Branch continues Oppression of Jesha Miller

Contact: Jesha Miller                          For Immediate Press Release
1110 Adams Ave.
Evansville In. 47714
                                Judicial Branch continues to Oppress Jesha Miller
       The word oppression means prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. Jesha Miller has petitioned, using the Constitutions checks & balances, alleging corruption throughout the Judicial Branch of government which the government has refused to honor. This is intended by the Framers of the Constitution to prevent abuse of power & protect the rights of "we the people". Jesha Miller has also filed suit against the U.S. for violating his rights under color of law, both of which can be seen on his blogs if you google his name, Jesha Miller, & go to that specific Blog. The motive for the government cover-up is to hide a Federal crime pursuant to Title 18, sec. 243 committed by Evansville In.
Judge David Kiely, which is the exclusion of jurors on account of race & deny 10 million dollars upon his release from the illegal restraint.
       Involved in the corruption is Federal Judge Richard Young who was the chief Judge of Vanderburgh County when Judge David Kiely committed the crime. Federal Judge Richard Young is the Judge that dismissed the Civil complaint against the U.S. to continue the government cover-up & now is the Judge presiding over Jesha Miller's case concerning employment. Jesha Miller was wrongfully terminated & has a contract which runs from July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2012. Jesha Miller filed for a Preliminary injunction to maintain his status quo or existing living condition & Judge Richard Young has yet to ORDER the Preliminary Injunction so that Jesha Miller could pay his bill on time, maintain insurance, cable, food, health care for him & his family, transportation, & anything else every citizen needs to survive. Judge Richard Young did not answer the motion for a month & now says in his entry he will notify us when he has done that. This is more cruelty because I have the evidence that the entire Justice system is corrupt & just as they cover-up the 10 million dollars for my illegal imprisonment, Federal Judge Richard Young continues this oppression prolonging even money that I desperately need to survive, so the intent is to continue this oppression until I am dead.
       The main reason for use of a preliminary injunction is the need for immediate relief but he says this is premature. Pre is a prefix meaning before. So before my insurance is cancelled, before the cable is cut off, before the disconnect notice for my utilities, before the water is cut off, before there's no food in the ice box, now when I need medical attention & glasses, now before the layaway goes back, & now when my car needs repairs. The delay is surely on purpose, but the biggest question is why the media is taking so long to expose this government corruption so that it will end as intended by the Framers of the Constitution in the First Amendment to expose corruption, rather than be a part of it by concealment of the crime. Where is the Journalistic integrity to report the news as it is & when it happens. This crime is against the peace & dignity of the U.S. & is at war with Democracy because Slavery has been abolished & the Constitution guarantees the right to freedom, justice, equality, & the pursuit of happiness. Is this the hurdle our children & generations have to look forward to, a corrupt government & no longer the land of the free & the home of the brave. How much courage does it take to publish the truth & hold officials who have sworn to uphold the Constitution accountable for their action? This is bigger than Journalistic Integrity, this is to uphold the integrity of the Constitution of the U.S. and it does not get any bigger than that. The right to freedom & justice. The evidence of corruption throughout the Judicial Branch of government is on blog at & This is evidence that corruption & oppression will continue unless exposed by the media. Evil thrives in darkness for the light shines on the darkness & the darkness comprehended not, for then their evils are exposed. Until then, documents of the oppression by Judge Richard Kiely can be seen here on blog. This is bigger than denying Blacks the Right to Justice, this is corruption is in defiance of the Constitutions guaranteed right under the Bill of Rights, rights that government must protect. The right to freedom, equality, justice, & the pursuit of happiness. The FBI were petitioned show a sign of good faith & the House Judiciary were petitioned to show a sign of good faith & both refused so they, by their actions refuse to do the right thing. shows the corruption must be exposed because corrupt officials are criminals that will not turn themselves in. With Jesha Miller coming to expose corruption in the Judicial Branch of government how could he get justice? Judge Richard Young cannot rule without prejudice because on blog, at Jesha Miller alleges Judge Richard Young violates his rights under color of law.

Submitted for the creator of the world, for the men, women, & children, & those who
served to protect this Country's freedom as I, Jesha Miller did as a member of the
U.S. Air Force, for a future generation that I pray will do good instead of evil.

Sincerely- Jesha Miller
Date: October 6, 2011

     Federal Judge Richard Young states Preliminary Injunction is premature with 30 day delay response.

                          Continued corruption by Judge Richard Young to oppress until I can't survive
                          Media is informed by email of continued oppression by Judge Richard Young
                   Below are the wages I would have received had the wrongful termination not occurred.
                  Judge Richard Young oppress me by already having ORDERED those wages with
                  the Preliminary Injunction.
        Evidence justifying Preliminary Injunction with binding contract that does not end until 2012
        Also a government program protected under Title 18 sec. 245 to stop further injury.
        I should receive back pay by the binding contract to maintain my standard of living.
        The company gets paid & they have government contracts so I must continue to get paid.
                 Evidence the company terminated me in retaliation for racial complaint as the 90 day
                 probation is not part of the contract. It runs for a year from July 2011 to June 2012
           Intimidation by the Company manager Robert Johnson who assigned Jerry Guffy knowing he would
           commit the racist acts. A violation under Title VII sec. 2000e committed the first 2 weeks.

                                   Claims justifying relief & protection under Title 18 sec. 245
                    Note the date & proof Judge Richard Young failed to act as warranted. Immediate
                   does mean right now. 8-31-2011 to 9-30-2011 is 30 days late. Intentional oppression.

                   Giving the Court notice again that this warrants immediate action.

             Evidence Judge Richard Young denies me the equal protection of the law so go back to
            his entry & this is dismissed as premature. Alleged corruption by Judge Richard Young
            is motive for him to delay or deny the Preliminary injunction so him decision is definitely
            with prejudice.
                    Race is top priority in classifications but he fails to protect my status quo so I
                    lose cable & insurance & unable to make repairs. Disconnect notices but he says
                   the Preliminary Injunction is premature is with malicious intent. Remember cases
                   such as race are subject to closer scrutiny yet Judge Young ignores this.

               Another notice giving cause for Preliminary Injunction but he intentionally refuses to respond
               to inflict further injury. With four notices the Court is without doubt, acting with oppression.
                     Another notice the Injunction is warranted but Judge Young acts in the unjust manner
                   to oppress Jesha Miller because we all must pay our bills. This puts me in a position
                   where I cannot comply with the law to have insurance so the action is with malice.

                   The work schedule as by contract requires I be paid for 40 regular hours & 16
                   hours time & half.
               Not only am I a Veteran of the Vietnam Era but a Journeyman Machinist signed by
               the department of labor but I can't work because Judge Young refused to Order
               the Preliminary Injunction for me to go back to work. 18% black unemployment
               so he is not a solution to the problem but part of the problem.

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